Sunday, July 5, 2009

Quemahoning Reservoir: Additional Pics


  1. Hi Jim,
    Great Blog, I just got into Kayaking this summer and have been looking for new places to go. You made it easier to find places and your photos are great. What make and length kayak do you have? Also, the people in the larger lakes seem to have a 14' kayak.

  2. Hey Hawk,

    Thanks for the post and I'm glad I could help you out. I have a 14.5 Wilderness System (Tsunami). Most of the flatwater around western PA is pretty calm, so it isn't that critical to have a large kayak, but in larger bodies of water the length gives you a little more stability.

    Sorry there haven't been any recent posts, but my camera is down and the store that I bought it from is taking their sweet time replacing it.

    If you are live in the general area and want to go for a paddle let me know.