Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yellow Creek State Park

Link: (June 9, 2009) Today I paddled 5.6 miles

If the early bird catches the worm then the 5:00 AM kayaker gets to paddle on a pristine lake. Without question the best time to visit Yellow Creek is in the morning when the sun burns off the fog and the only sound you hear is a bass jumping from the water in the distance.

Even though Yellow Creek (Indiana County) isn't one of the biggest lakes in the state it still has has plenty to offer would-be paddlers. There are a number of small inlets to relax in as you view the majestic scenery. Visit the dam along your way, but be careful there is a spillway nearby that could take you on an unwanted trip.

Lastly, Yellow Creek is a nice place for novice kayakers, but beware that out in the middle it can get a little rough as the wind likes to swoop in and make paddling a little adventurous.

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